Causes of Breakups, Marriage Problems and Divorce


Less Time on building the relationship

Spending a lot of time during work or other activities without attending to your partner or kids may lead to a problem. This puts a lot of stress on marriage thus creating disagreements and small fights.
Time spend on your partner and/or your family is a quality lifestyle to maintain a good married relationship. Creating harmony within the family generates a unique happiness that allows the family to know each other even more.


This is a vice that commonly translates a well-cultivated relationship into a family havoc. Most people say that if they found their partner cheating on them, then that would be the end story of the relationship. Some people just feel that the cheating partner still has a chance to redeem themselves. They offer time and patience, but mostly it doesn’t pay off. Disgust and the feeling of mistrust always brings the relationship down to the ground.


Dishonesty when discovered always brings many rhetorical and painful questions. This causes mistrust and brings a feeling that everything else about the partner is a lie. The mind begins to question the partner’s integrity, loyalty and the purpose of him/her to have a relationship. It’s like he/she loved a person who didn’t exist; loving a lie. This often leads to breakups and divorce, and most people take it deep down in their hearts until it’s hard to move on.

Addiction to Wrong or a great sudden change

Many people end their relationships if the partner changes in behaviour and becomes someone else that they didn’t love in the beginning. For example, the partner starts acting porn, indulges in gambling, drug abuse, religion etc. This creates trust issues and majorly a disgusting feeling. If the partner is unwilling to change, then a breakup is achieved ungracefully.


Money costs many relationships because it’s a struggle of power within the relationship. If financial goals aren’t met may cause stress. Different spending habits that causes the partners to dislike each other causes fights and small breakups. Continuous disagreements causes a forever-breakup and rage.


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